About Me.

Hello, my name is Taylor, I also go by Taila, Tyler or Tailer if you've ever been to Starbucks with me.

Once upon a time I was afraid of going new places, trying new things and meeting new people was holding me back. The thought of going on a plane was too much, however, my Fiancé used to be a flight attendant and assured me things would be okay. I asked her, "How would you feel if we packed up bags and moved to Canada?" and that changed everything. 

Before we left, I had little sense in which direction I was heading in, I wanted something new. I love technology and gadgets and I purchased a drone. I became so into this drone I was conquering my fear of heights, increasing my love for photography and meeting many new people because no one had seen a drone before. 

I am now always excited to step foot on a plane, book the next adventure, hike a new trail, get to a new height and see what the world has to offer.